Saturday, June 11, 2011

Top 7: Cream Blushes For Spring

I really love blushes, especially cream like ones  as they are amazing for Spring! I firmly believe that a good blush can create a miracle when it comes to brightening up your complexion and making you look youthful.
So, although it was hard to do it, I’ve chosen some of my favourite blushes that I reach for very often from the different price range. I hope you will find this helpful!

Luxurious Blushes (price range $30-$45)

Hourglass Aura Sheer Cheek Stain in Flush,  $45

This is the most expensive blush out of my selection  and it is a water-based formula that gives cheeks a lasting and subtle lit-from-within glow. But you can also built up the colour for a more dramatic look, the blush  stays on very well and doesn’t dry out the skin. I absolutely love this blush as it gives a very natural, light and glowy flush to your cheeks. This blush is said to be oil-, fragrance-, and phthalate- free and to improve skin’s hydration. Yes, $45 is a lot, but it is one of the best blushes I’ve ever tried and when I just got I completely forgot about all my other blushes and I still use it very often.
Buy it at: Sephora Amazon

Ellis Faas Blush in  S301, $32

This is probably the most unique blush design I’ve ever seen and everyone asks me about my Ellis Faas products as they look so different from everything else. This blush is said to be made of essential oils, rose water and vitamins C and E.  The blush blends into the skin really well and gives the natural finish. This particular colour gives a beautiful peachy shade which is long-lasting and beautiful. Just make sure that you read  the instructions carefully or you may have your product get clogged.
Buy it atEllis Faas

Medium Priced Blushes (price range $20-25)

BECCA Beach Tint in Grapefruit , $25

These can be used both on lips and cheeks but I am not a huge fan of using these on the lips however they are brilliant on your cheeks. First of all you should know that each  shade is deliciously scented in its synonymous name and, as I have several, I can confirm that.  These are really small (7ml) especially when you think that you pay $25 but you seriously need  a tiny amount of the product. I would recommend this blush for those who are afraid to get overboard because they give a subtle and kind of sheer shade which looks natural even on a fair skin. The
se are said to be water-resistant but I can’t confirm or deny this as I’ve never worn them to the beach.
Buy it at: BECCA. Amazon

Illamasqua Cream Blusher in Rude, $24

Now this is a famous blusher and it is certainly a favourite of a lot of people! It is a flattering warm coral pink which  has a great pigmentation and goes on smoothly on the skin. It is perfect for spring/summer season as it immediately perks up your complexion. I guess you can see by yourself how much I love my blusher as there is a huge dip in it already.
Buy it atSephora Amazon

Daniel Sandler Watercolour in Flush, £14.50 = $23.6

I know that most people who read this website are from the US but I just had to include this blusher as it is a favourite of mine. It has an amazing water based formula so you have to shake it well before using (I recommend getting the Daniel Sandler Waterbrush to use with it). I have several shades of the Watercolour but Flush is my absolute favourite as it gives the most amazing flattering pink shade. Makes you look so fresh and pretty, beautiful for spring!
Buy it atBeautique, they ship Internationally.

Affordable  Blushes (price range $5-10)

Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush in 07 Peach Satin, $5.94

I actually got interested in this blush because of Marlena’s recommendation and I have to say that now I like it myself. It has a lovely light texture which is a pleasure to use and which blends nicely into the skin. The shade that I have gives a natural peachy colour to  the cheeks.
Buy it at: Amazon

Max Factor Miracle Touch Creamy Blush in 18 Soft Cardinal, $9.77

If you want a great quality blush but can’t afford to pay a lot, you should check this one out. It is very pigmented and although it is really small you actually need the tiniest amount of it. I like how it looks like on the skin and the effect it gives . I know quite a few Make-Up Artists who have these in their professional kits as you can get a lot of shades for a reasonable price.


  1. I don't like cream blushes in the summer, they tend to disappear after not even half an hour on me x=

  2. I have a few of the Maybelline mousse blushes and really like them, they are even good on the lips with a little Aquaphor over top :)