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Review: 99p LA Colors Nail Polish

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October 4, 2011

Review: 99p LA Colors Nail Polish

Good evening ladies, I hope you're all having a fab week =]

Today I wanted to blog about something I'm very excited about!

Last weekend I visited the new Westfields in Stratford, that place is amazing! I spent all day walking around, I must have walked about 5 miles and my feet were me killing after. Just as me and my friend were getting ready to leave we spotted a shop called Beauty Base and I just had to check it out.

Amongst bargain perfume and make up there was a whole section dedicated to LA Colors nail varnish, from a distance I thought it was OPI! There were well over 100 shades to choose from and I chose to try these 3 out as I didn't want to buy too many incase they were rubbish. Here are the ones I chose... 

Red Carnation, Top Coat & Mauve Gauze.

I literally could have picked up at least 10 shades and I'm sorely regretting not doing so!

Red Carnation & Mauve Gauze.

.As you can see both shades are gorgeous. They were both opaque within 2 coats and applied like a dream.

The top coat dries really quickly, leaving the nails smudge proof and shiny within a few minutes.

I think the packaging looks expensive, it's basically the same as OPI at a fraction of the price. I also love the brush, it's wide and makes applying the polish fool proof.

Can you tell I love this nail polish?!?

The best thing about this product has to be the price.... every shade including base & top coats are only 99p each! Bargain of the year? I think so!

Product: 9/10
Packaging: 9/10
Price: 10/10
Overall :9/10

I'm going back to Westfields in a few weeks as some of the shops including Mac were still being built (I was  gutted about this) & I cannot wait to pick up a load more of this nail polish!

Have you tried LA Colors nail polish before and if so what did you think?


  1. wow i love the baby pink nail polish! nice swatches :)

  2. I adore these and also found them in a beauty base. I dont live that near to it and dont drive and was disappointed that they dont sell them on their website. I spoke to head office and the reason for it is that they tend to smash in the post...I've just ordered about 20 colours and hoping that they wont smash but its worth the risk considering the price tag! Most recent fav is called electrified which ive actually put two coatsof over the top of electric charge and then a clear gloss. they look wicked and if i'd of done this many coats with any other brand they would never have dried but mine already have. Really wish a website would stock the whole range, however the only UK website which stocks about 30 colours is called PAK COSMETICS. They only have the colour numbers listed and no picture so you will need to cross reference with the actual la colors website. Ordered on Tues and they came on thurs. Would recommend if you cant get or live near to a beauty base!!!