Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tips, Tricks & Inspiration for your Valentine's Day Look

While love shouldn’t be about looks, Valentine’s Day is a fantastic opportunity to show of your “flirty side” by adding a little extra “oomph” to your look. You may be going out with a special someone or staying home with your cat...Let these makeup ideas inspire you to feel a little more romantic.

Wear red lipstick. It’s a dramatic look that doesn’t always work for “every day” events. But it’s Valentine’s day, let’s paint the world red! Before you just go out and it on, make sure you’ve got the right color. Some argue that true red looks good on everyone, but for those of you who might feel a little insecure try this: If you have cool skin tones (aka “winter” or “summer” tones) try wearing berry tinted reds (reds that have slightly more blue pigment). If you have warm skin tones (aka “fall” or “spring” tones) try wearing reds that have more orange pigment than blue. Also, if you’re wearing red lipstick, I would tracing a thin outline of your lips for a really polished look. Pouty lips are sensual.

Expecting a smooch? Try lip stain
Lip gloss can be gooey, sticky and unpleasantly flavored (I’ve heard guys complain!), so if you’re worried about perfectly datable lips, try using lip stains. It’s a really simple way to add color without the fuss of re-application or smudge fears. Make sure you experiment with how much or how little works for you before the big day, because it takes a while to wash off and no one wants splotchy lips on Valentine’s day!

Emphasize the eyes. Eyes are the window to the soul, so on Valentine’s lets give them pretty window treatments. ...Okay, well, I had to try the metaphor! This Valentine’s day, go for really a really fresh and shimmering look. Pastel shadows are IN this spring, so try wearing coral! I don’t believe that there’s only one color that makes eyes look better than others, but I do know that highlighting the brow with a shimmer that is lighter than the skin always makes them “pop!” You will want your man to look straight into your eyes when he declares his undying love for you, you don’t want him staring at your eye makeup—so remember, less is more!

Glitter and be gay! After slathering my face in glitter all through grade school, I had to separate myself from the addictive substance for a few years before I learned how to “work it.” Now, I’m starting to see the trend in makeup where flecks of glitter are present. Valentine’s day is the perfect time to hop on the Glitter Bandwagon because it’s all about romance and whimsy. It makes you feel pretty if you are out with friends or alone with your favorite novel. Let out your inner shine!

Instant makeover. Want to look a little extra special? Try some quick and easy tips that will tweak your look for the better: Tweeze your eyebrows and use an eyebrow pencil for an extra polished look, tackle problem zits with Clean and Clear spot treatment (this stuff works fast!), use a foundation primer like Smashbox’s Photo finish for more even looking skin tone, dust on a little bronzer for a healthy glow.

Pretty fingers. Don’t forget about your fingernails! He may be holding your hand tonight, so make sure your hands are clean are your fingers are freshly polished. Wear Valentine’s day related colors like pale pink or black cherry. If you’re a single lady, why not have your friends over and give each other manicures?

The Obvious. The most basic beauty tip for looking great on Valentine’s Day is: take care of yourself. Get those extra z’s the weekend before, wear sun-block and drink lots of water. If you’re like me, it’s easy to neglect those beauty basics so let’s pretend that going to bed at 10 instead of 1 is pampering ourselves. This is a tip that will benefit us all in the long haul.

Check out this girl's look:

Photography: Loquenoves
Makeup: Sophie Wu (Christian Chauveau makeup products)
Model: Valentina Rebolledo

This is a great look for Valentine's Day. Notice how you are drawn to her eyes and lips, neither one overpowering the other? That's the goal: balance. Her berry red lips look healthy and supple. Her eyes are simple, with strong emphasis on her upper lid that make the green of her iris stand out. All of those elements stand out because we are not distracted by skin flaws. Be inspired!

Do you have any special plans for Valentine’s Day? What will your makeup regime look like?


  1. Thanks for the kind words on my blog, am following you! These are good tips & reminders, especially the lip stain one. My boy (and most I know) doesn't like anything too goopy on my lips at all :)

  2. I love those happy shades of pink polish great post :)

  3. Nice, I love red lips! Great for Valentine!

  4. how awesome... this is actually the makeup look that I went for last night. My hubby and I had a simple Pre Valentine's dinner yesterday.

  5. great tips

  6. Valentina Rebolledo's makeup is gorgeous. I love how simple it is but also makes a statement. The Cover Girl lip stains are surprisingly great if you pick the right shade!