Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Chanel: Summer 2011 Makeup Collection First Look

Can I just say my coral-lurvin’ heart nearly burst into a million tiny pieces when I laid eyes on this promo pic for the upcoming Le Fleurs D’ete De Chanel Makeup Collection for Summer 2011?
That’s how easy I am when it comes to Chanel… I can even feel my 
wallet throbbing.
Coco and company say they drew inspiration from fresh flowers and summer gardens — picture shimmery pink lips, bronzed skin, and eyes and nails the colors of verdant green gardens and the bright summer sun.
We can expect…
  • Face — Do you recall the Soleil Tan de Chanel Bronzing Powder from Cote D’Azur? Well, the Bronze Corail compact, the beauty with the four stripes of color in the middle of the pic, is the same idea with different shades. All four of the stripes are designed to be mixed together before being applied. For Le Fleurs D’ete De Chanel, Coco plans to release two limited edition Soleil Tan de Chanel Bronzer compacts ($50 each). Light-skinned lovelies can look forward to the one called Bronze Rose, and darker-toned babes to Bronze Corail (the one shown here).
  • Lips — Lips will glow in two new Glossimers shades, one a coral and the other a rosy pink ($28.50 each; I don’t have the names yet).
  • Nails — Last, but not least, our fingers and toes will sap up the bright summer sun in a shimmery yellow Le Vernis Nail Polish for $25.

For more information on the Chanel Summer 2011 Makeup Collection, check out…

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  1. Oooo this looks amazing! I'm so excited for Summer beauty and fashion.

  2. I've wanted the Bronzer universal soleil du whatever it's now called, for a long time now! These look so pretty :)

  3. Thanks for droppin by my page, I'm following you back! =) Hope you had a great Vday =)