Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pink Polish or Perfection?

If you think all light pink nail polishes are basically created equal, go ahead and skip this post. But if you have stood in a nail salon pondering which pale pink to choose and believe that even these quietest of polishes have important nuances (opacity, shimmer density, warm vs. cool tone), read on. I must share my discovery.
My new nail love: Essie Not Just A Pretty Face. I am going to show you the bottle because my camera is seemingly incapable of doing such a subtle shade justice.
It's part of the brand's Summer '09 product line, but I only just discovered it a couple weeks ago when shopping for my wedding shade--obviously a momentous task for anyone as obsessed with nail polish as I. My best friend and I headed to Bed Bath & Beyond--weirdly, they have the widest selection of pretty, pale Essie shades I've seen anywhere. I knew I wanted pale pink, but I wanted a really perfect pale pink. Here's why this one fits the bill:
* It's the most neutral pink ever--exactly between warm and cool on the spectrum. I think it would flatter literally any skintone (if you care about such things). It's pinker in real life than it looks in the above shot, btw.
* It's pale but quite opaque, so it covered the imperfections in my nails (they're still total crap after a gel manicure ruined them about six weeks ago).
* It has zero shimmer, but it's high-gloss and stays that way for a long time.

The Most Perfectly Perfect Pale Pink Polish (I’ve Found One--Have You?):


  1. This colour seems lovely, but essie is always hit or miss, most of the times i want to throw all the nail polishes because they chip or are not opaque enough.

  2. @EllysMakeupbag...Very good point you make. I agree it is not the best nail polish brand in the world. It's too bad that many other companies didn't think of this color first.

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