Sunday, January 30, 2011

OFRA Cosmetics and Bio Picasso Body Paint

Until tonight, I was unaware that OFRA Cosmetic Factory ever existed.  When I checked out their website, I was impressed by the variety of products they sell.  From skincare to brush sets, their website is choc-full-of any beauty supply I might desire.  I’m especially drooling over their Mineral Baked Palette—so many pretty colors.

The bright and vibrant palette of the brand’s cosmetics reflects this company’s colorful past.  Named after its founder Ofra Gaito, this company was born in South Africa where Giato worked as a beauty therapist/esthetician in her own Salon and Spa.  Her gift in the salon, spa and beauty business has since spread across the world through various salons ranging in locations from Europe, Australia all the way here to America.

Now, I’m sure you’re going to check out your site to read the full “About Us” section for Ofra Giato’s total biography and more fun facts about the company and the their products. While you’re there, check out the OFRA’s Bio Picasso Body Paint.

I’ve always been enamored with artistically done makeup.  From the makeup that dramatically highlights the eyelids of John Galliano’s runway models to Alexa Meade’s hyper realistic body painting photography, those looks are achievable with Bio Picasso Body Paint. The body paints come in primary colors red, yellow and blue as well as green, brown, black and white.  This is excellent if you are like me and love to mix pigments to create flawless hues! The paints can be applied through air-brushing or cosmetic brushes.

And here’s a fabulous fact: The Bio Picasso Body Paints are water-based, which is preferable to oil-based products because water-based products are much healthier for your skin.  Using water based products also reduce your chances of getting clogged pores!

Bio Picasso body paint can be purchased through the OFRA website: While you’re there, be sure to check out their other products! They’re “just beautiful.”

By: Anna Williams


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