Monday, January 17, 2011

Kreat Beauty

The Best Eyelashes!

A few different eyelashes...many more to choose from!

Full Wing N1520

Final Coat N1044

Mega Volume S1313

Behind the Eyelash Brand

Taylor Babaian, the founder of kre-at beauty has always been obsessed with beauty.

As a child growing up in Los Angeles, she would watch how a makeover could change the way a woman looked and most importantly felt about herself. Today, as a celebrity makeup artist and beauty author, Taylor wanted to give women the tools to kre-at their own look.

Through her experience of working for over a decade behind the scenes on runways, magazines, and awards shows, she realized that eyelashes were such a big part of completing a look. Having very few eyelashes herself, she constantly tweaked false eyelashes to make them look more natural. As a result, kre-at beauty was born.

kre-at beauty launched during the awards season in January 2009. Taylor gave away kre-at beauty eyelashes to her fellow celebrity makeup artists, and all of Hollywood was a buzz. Soon after, kre-at beauty eyelashes were all over the red carpet, t.v. and magazines. They have been worn by celebrities including Jenna Fischer, Nicolette Sheridan, Paula Abdul, LeAnn Rimes, Melissa George and Golden Globe winner Sally Hawkins.

Taylor Babaian is one of the country's top makeup artists in the fashion, magazine, music, film, and television industries. She has made countless television appearances and has spoken at conventions to demonstrate her makeup techniques. She is an expert on makeup and has been quoted in dozens of national beauty, fashion, and news publications.

Check out the website for more eyelashes...www,kreatbeauty,com


  1. Very prety. I love a good lash =D

    i will def check them out!

  2. These look gorgeous. I am going to check out the website. Great post!

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