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Paul Barry, president and co-founder of Barristar Productions, became a hairstylist in 1964.
In 1966 he received his California cosmetology instructors license and also opened his first salon.

From 1971-1992, Paul owned and operated the largest salon in Orange County. During this time Paul traveled extensively for major product manufacturers including Redken, Clairol and John Paul Mitchell systems.
In 1987, being tired of the travel, Paul. joined by his wife Georgia, co-founded Barristar Productions. Together they have produced numerous trade shows dedicated to the betterment of the cosmetology industry. Our trade shows are designed for cosmetology students and instructors and are based on education.

Today, Paul and his daughter, Heather(above), work together in producing many events including the Beauty School Forum Shows in Anaheim, Pasadena, Indianapolis, Phoenix , Florida and Minneapolis.

If you are serious about your future career, you cannot afford to miss Beauty School Forum!!!

Kissimmee, FL- February 27, 2011
Phoenix, AZ- April 11, 2011
Anaheim, CA- May 8-9, 2011
Minneapolis, MN- May 22, 2011
Burbank, CA- October 16-17, 2011
Indianapolis, IN- October 30, 2011
San Jose, CA-November 20, 2011

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