Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Addicted to Makeup? No need to worry...you are not alone!

Are You Makeup Agoraphobic? (A New Study Says 1/3 of Women Are): glamour.com

The Daily Mail is reporting that a survey of 3,000 women has found that 1/3 of them wouldn't not go out to the grocery store to get milk if they couldn't find their makeup bag. And, apparently, the paper has labeled this "makeup agoraphobia." Another finding in the study:
0113-makeup-agoraphobia-study_bd.jpg60 per cent of women wear makeup no matter what--doesn't matter where they're going or if anyone they know will see them. And almost half said they'd rather go for a full face of makeup rather than go bare-faced, which means these folks would prefer going for foundation and eyeliner to do mundane things like take out the trash.
Oh, and one in ten women said they wouldn't allow their boyfriends to see them sans makeup, "preferring to sleep with a full face on rather than remove it at bedtime." Wait--what? Really? Some women are sleeping in makeup?
We've seen polls like this before--a previous one found that the number of women who wouldn't go out without makeup was lower at 15 percent. My guess is that's probably closer to reality. But, hey, I didn't do the study.
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